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Old School Programming


Resource Related Links:
  • Resourcer - Lutz Roeder's .NET Resourcer. Great GUI resource editor for Microsoft .NET resource files. It's the best alternative if you don't plan to use the console to compile resources. Accomplishes many functions ResMagik does but with a nicer interface (no automated work though).
  • Resource Hacker - Win32 resource editor with GUI. Can extract resources from PECOFF binaries.
  • XN Resource Editor - Open source Win32 resource editor. Features a great looking and handy GUI.
  • PECOFF Specification - Official document that contains a bit information about embedded resources in PECOFF files.

Miscellaneous Links:

  • XVI32 - An excellent hexadecimal editor (Freeware).
  • D - D Programming language (best language ever).
  • D Programming - D Programming tools (useful ones & open source. About the author: Great programmer, smart guy).
  • 2CPU - Multiprocessor based machines community.
  • FreeBSD - The best operating system in the planet.
  • Fred Vork's Page - IE Removal, custom Win2000 builds.
  • Stick Death - Nicely done and fun flash animations.
  • My Crappy Animations 1 2 3 - Inspired by Stick Death.

ResMagik...we love you!