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About ResMagik

About the past:

When i first started to develop .NET applications i had already used Win32 resources, and i was aware of the importance of using resource files in applications (using resource files keeps your output text away from code and avoids external files used by your program to fill a folder and your hard disk with tons of files. Resource files provides a great deployment and distribution solution).
Then after reading a lot about the .NET platform and specially about the brand new .NET resource files, i started to code a bit but when resources were needed i wanted to create these files but didn't know how. I searched the net for tools and noticed that there were GUI resource editors but almost none for automated console work, so i then decided to create ResMagik. Microsoft .NET SDK comes with 2 tools for manipulating resources but none of them accomplish ResMagik's goal.
I coded ResMagik in august 2005 (in a dual Intel Pentium III Katmai machine) as a support tool for developing applications in .NET framework v1.1.
I have always created programs manually or also known as 'by hand', this means, using Notepad as the IDE and compiling with a batch file.
This programming method gives full control over your code and the program creation process. With that in mind i designed ResMagik as a command line tool, no pretty GUI, just fast I/O through system console.
A very common task can be easily done many times, such as code compilation. Calling ResMagik through a batch file can create resources files every time you want to compile your application.
One day i noticed that ResMagik was very useful and it was a must have tool for all my projects so i then though: "ResMagik is very useful to me but it's very lonely in my hard disk, maybe it could be useful for someone else too. ResMagik goes open source!".


About the future:

Time has past since the born of ResMagik and many things have evolved. It's time to give ResMagik a new path, so i've decided to recode ResMagik entirely giving it new features, .NET framework 2.0 migration and a solid/reliable base code for the open source comunity.
The original ResMagik was only able to compile resources, not extract them. The first release i want it to be like the original ResMagik: Compile only. Then in the next release i'll add extraction capability and resource regionalization. Maybe in a future release i'll migrate ResMagik to native code making it frameworkless, it will interact with resource files directly (binary access). It may manipulate Win32 resource files as well. It will surely work with .resx files and it will feature strong type resources, ImageLists, serializable objects and many more.
With each release of ResMagik there will be 2 packages: The binaries and the source code.


About me:

I'm Heinz Traub. I did my first program in an Atari 800XE when i was 9 years old but started intensive programming when i was 15 in a 486 machine. I specialize in assemblies and binary files programming (and enjoy doing so). I have great experience implementing resource files (Win32, .NET & propietary file formats). I have created a propietary resource file format (commercial project) that exceeds in features and functionality to all resource packager files i've worked with. I want to trust people who trust in my software. That's all you need to know about me.

ResMagik...we love you!