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Welcome to ResMagik official web site!

ResMagik is a very simple, easy to use and open source command line tool for compiling and decompiling Microsoft .NET '.resources' files. It's the right tool for old school programmers who love to manually develop applications and compile through batch files.

ResMagik provides a console interface to .NET libraries and also it adds new features for automated and easy creation/extraction of resource files. You can update your resource files, compile your application and do much more within a single step. It supports almost any file type. Files can be added individually or you can add an entire folder tree, optionally filtering by file name, extension or both. It runs on Microsoft Windows platforms with Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 (or above) installed.

Visit the project site for news, support, bugs report, feature requests and forums. Features can be found in the documentation.

Latest version: v1.1 (07/01/2009), go get it now!

ResMagik use resource files too!

ResMagik...we love you!